Chichiri - Fushigi Yugi


AmeCon 2006




Of all the costumes I've made for Joe, this is my favourite. It is a fairly simple costume, but it looks right. The trousers are bought, as I failed earlier to make them from fake suede.

The shirt is made from some cream coloured fabric, a sort of rough cotton, that I had lying around. It's lined on the inside, as it's a little rough. It's a chinese style so it goes from left to right and is held in place with poppers and a belt.

The cloak is a piece of deep blue polycotton, the designs done in white acrylic paint. I made a stensil from foam and attached it to the bottom of a washing up liquid bottle. Once the pattens had been put on the fabic, I touched them up by hand with a small painbrush.

The socks are pieces of linin, held in place with leather thonging. The necklace is glass and plastic beades on a piece of elastic. The hat is from a jokeshop and the hair is made from a couple of blue hair extentions rather than a full wig.


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