Kanda Yu (Third Uniform) - D Gray Man


Auchinawa 2010


I would consider Kanda as my first cosplay. Even though I was making two others at the same time he was the one I decided to make, started to make and finished (practically) first.

The coat is a normal double breasted coat that I changed and adapted to make the exorcists uniform. I added all the detailing and changed the collar, made the belt, buttons, badge, chain etc.

I think the part of the cosplay that was the most difficult would be the katana and saya. I made them both out of balsa wood and it was a task trying to figure out how to make it and have it look good! xD

However I did enjoy making the sword in the end, it was alot of fun. My favourite parts of the cosplay though would have to be the little detail bits like the badge and buttons; I really enjoyed making them :D

Shadowland13 posted on 9 November, 2014 - 17:31
Awesome :)