Rocket (Original) - Sucker Punch




I saw the film with my partner and felt an affinity with the character of Rocket. But as my first cosplay, it was difficult to put together. Everything apart from the gun, shoes, and bodystocking, were made from scratch.

The hardest part overall was the dress and bodice piece. We could not find a pattern that was close enough, so my gf and I took to cutting up an old bedsheet of mine! Thankfully the idea worked a treat, and we felt confident enough to then cut it out of the denim fabric I had bought specially to make this costume.

Easiest part was probably the hat and leg pieces. The hat literally took an hour just sewing the pattern found online together. The legs were easily cut out of lycra then sewn to a piece of pleather. Two further narrower pieces of pleather were added with eyelets for the laces.

I learnt a lot from my first cosplay: mostly how to sew! But it was absolutely amazing to wear. So many people commented and said how great I looked. And I could not move for photos being taken all day long.


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