Miyaka (Priestess varient) - Fushigi Yugi


AmeCon 2006




Miyaka's priestess outfit, much nicer than the bown school uniform. It's made from scarlet polyester satin, and cream organza, and edged with cream polycotton.

There are three parts to the costume: robes, undershirt and sleeves, and skirt.

The robes are made from a standard dress pattern, and was fairly simple to put together. The edges down the from are polycotton, and there are some little flowers on the shoulder to hide a seam. The sleeves were cut in a semi-circle, to make the much wider at the top than the bottom. The whole think is held together with poppers, as I didn't want to rely on the ribbon. The ribbon itself never hung in quite the right place, and I should really have stiched it on.

The skirt is made of a waistband of polycotton, with the organza stiched into it. It's slit up the front and longer at the back. It is weighted with a curve of curtain flex to make it hang in the right place.

The under shirt is organza at the front and polycotton at the back, with a zip so I could make it fit to me tightly. The sleeves are probably about 1/2 a meter in circumfrance, and pretty much the same width all the way down.

Miyaka's shoes are made by sewing the leftover red satin over a pair of cheap white plimpsoles to make satin slippers that I could wear outside :)


Chii-ren posted on 15 May, 2008 - 21:54
Wow someone else who like fushigi yugi! great dress btw!