Hakura Tenoh (Sailor Uranus, Senshi Form) - Sailor Moon





One of my fave senshi ever! We Are both really tomboy and protective over friends that we could be just like sisters!

Senshi Form, Propally wont be wearing this one too girly but ur neverknow what the future holds for us all!

Looks difficult to make and i know it, tried it in the past, but did'nt work out, so i'll be buying it if i do it in the end!

I guess a hard bit would also be the wig, my hairs long and thick so it could be difficult to do, Well its just over my sholders so medium but its growing long again :D lol. oh, the boots HARD!

Easy bit: Dunno, acting like her calling a meatball head kitten? lol haha!

Na kittykat works best, Hi alice-chan (Meatballhead) !


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