Batgirl (own version) - Batman





Made for a university summer school fancy dress night, with the theme 'aspirations and inspirations'. I could have just reused my Cissnei costume, but I wanted to have a go at something different. I chose batgirl because I have always wanted to work with bats in conservation or research, they are such misunderstood, beautiful creatures :D

I was away on holiday with my family for a week, came back and realised I had less than a week to sort something out :S On ebay the cheapest costume I could find was £30 so I decided to try to make it myself! Unfortunately I couldnt get it to look like the actual bat girl, so this is my version of the costume :)

Dress: Ebay
Mask: Ebay
Boots: My own
Belt: A label off a T-shirt, laminated and stapled to a black belt (Batman logo belts cost at least £10 and the postage was at least a week...improvisation ftw!)
Cape: Material bought from a local craft shop, made with some help from my Gran
Bat jewellery: My own
Gloves: Ebay, reused from Cissnei costume

The party was awesome, there were so many amazing costumes - everything from Transformers, Zorro, Moulin Rouge... someone even dressed as a mountain!


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