Sheska (Military Uniform (Riza's)) - Fullmetal Alchemist





Okay So Upon Watching And Researching FullMetal Alchemist My Number One Top Anime At The Moment July 2011, I Was Thinking Of Doing A Simple Cosplay And Then I Thought What About Sheska I Love Her To Bits Althou She Does'nt Play A Big Part I Always Found Her Funny And Kind To Most Characters.

Im Gonna Try Her First Verson Which Is Tomboy Styled Clothes If Im Not Happy With The Design I'll Do Her Second Verson Which Is Military Uniform, Thou Im Not Gonna Wear The Mini Skirt Verson, Im Gonna Propally Use Lieutent Riza Hawkeyes Uniform Because I Don't Wanna Attract Any Colonels Lol.


Im Sure The Glasses Will Be Easy To Come By, Im Not Sure If Im Getting A Wig Or Just Styleing My Own Hair Yet, Mmm I Think I'll Be Buying Some The Clothes If Not Using Verson One Then I Will Have No Choice But Buy The Costume And Such.

The Website I'm Gonna Try To Buy From Is



and For Glasses I'm Gonna Try Either
Our Local Specsavers


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