Mifune (outfit from the 'big' fight with black star in the manga) - Soul Eater, Manga


Ayacon 2011




Mifune is just cool, end of
...alright fine, theres more to it
the last few cosplays have been half assed and now that my gf takes it more seriously, has produced some amazing cosplays, so i decided to take it up another step as well
plus i wanted a challenge in making 20+ swords

so far ive cheated with the jeans as they came covered in scars and rips already. the swords are being made of lots balsa wood, being hand carved and sanded. got sandals, jacket and wig.
ive got to get a tighter white long sleeve top, create the stencils for the O-SAMURAI and KEEP OUT bits, style wig, belt and buckle, carry on with swords, add black fluff to jacket and yellow tape/fabric for KEEP OUT bit


Alouette posted on 29 August, 2011 - 12:28
You make an awesome Mifune <3 there's seriously not enough love for him :')

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