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ok, so charlie says 'hey izzy wanna go to Midlands?' yesterday...oh crap i don't have much time. Then when i asked mum if i could go, she said 'provided you don't start a new cosplay, you need to focus on schoolwork.' Ugh >.<

At first, i planned to cosplay gothic Nana. I mean, its pretty much closet for me anyways :). But theeeeeeen...Charlie(special pleb) said she'd lend me her Ritsuka wig. So hey, i figured i'd do that. Now i have to find an outfit i like, and could do easily. I keep wanting to do all the bondage-y ones...they look awesome! ANYWAYS...i shall post a reference as soon as i decide on one.

Yeeeeeah i found one :) although i'm DEFINITELY gonna do some other ones sometime...hehe. I borrowed the top and wig from Charlie, i'm going to borrow Fi (Crystal Neko)'s skirt, (and also her tail, although i haven't exactly asked her yet...hi fi, can i borrow your tail? thankies!! ^_^), i have some faded jeans that will be alright, and i can use one of the purple belts i made for Dita, and i'm going to make the collar, or modify one i already have. I don't like the coat, so i won't bother about it, but as the top i borrowed has shorter sleeves, i might get some bracelets, or bandages, or something to make it look pretty ^_^

Update: I bought a choker. Call me lazy, i don't care. Anyways, while its not exactly accurate, its really pretty so i figured i'll wear it loads, and its close enough. And i'm not going for an exact match, just a vaguely ritsuka-esque outfit ^_^

It's done! and the expo was a success! Nothing broke Yayyy...that has to be my most successful cosplay. and i DID do some sewing, i sewed the tail onto the skirt. Thank you sooooooooo much Crystal Neko (and Special Pleb) for the photos, i'm really pleased with them!!! *is a poserrrrrrrrr*


Brinny-Chan posted on 15 November, 2008 - 17:17
Squeeeee! Your Ritsuka is so cute!!!