Matoko (RPG dream episode varient) - Love Hina





From the episode where Matoko is dreaming after watching Keitaro play an RPG. I was very suprised at how comfy this costume was, and how warm it was, considering :) I decided to make hotpants rather the little panties that Matoko actually wears as i was planning to wear it out and around for at least a day.

The cloak and hotpants are made of really gorgeous wine coloured velour, and the top is made from gold pvc and what I believe is wetsuit fabric. The hotpants are reinforced by t-shirt fabric.

The top is patterned from a pvc top I own for clubbing, minus the straps. There are two pieces of elastic holding it in place, but it was so tight it wasn't going anywhere! The gold pvc was not too bad to sew, and I could even hem the top, but I couldn't sew the arm / leg bands, so ended up using glugun gle, which didn't hold too well.

The hotpants were made using an old pair of jeans as a patturn, and then adjusting them to fit. There is no zip or fasterner, they jsut pull up. The cloak is a rectangle of fabric, folded in half and stiched to itself at the top to make the neck.

The hat was thrown together out of an amzon box and some silver paint.


letmelive posted on 12 April, 2009 - 21:38
This is my favourite Love Hina episode!! Love the costume, you did a great job!