Roppi (Hachimenroppi Izaya) - Durarara!!




Pre-emptive planning with my Tsuki.
Also I get to mope around and hate on everything all the time.
Should be easy to put together once I finish Izaya for October.

Hachimenroppi Izaya, from Durarara DVD 2. Cover illustration from the first drama CD.
Hates humans and just about everything. Is a general recluse.


Nachtangel posted on 28 July, 2011 - 19:55
This shall be awesome!!

Progress Journal

12th November 2011

Roppi for Christmas

Roppi is actually going to be finished a lot earlier than originally intended, because I want to wear him as soon as possible.
He'll be debuting at a pre-con Christmas meet up with Nachtangel's Tsukishima.
I only have to make his coat, and get hold of another v-neck and trim it in red and he's finished. Although i'm miffed I can't wear the red contacts.

So if you're in London, you might see us getting lost.
If not, expect numerous pictures of us getting lost.

We will get lost.