Cosplayer: Tony-Jay

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th December 2012: Mask Information I've just discovered something quiet interesting about the relation between Kanos mask in Mortal Kombat, and my mask....

Taken from Wikipedia -
"In Kano's bio card in Deception, Ed Boon mentions how Kano's bionic eye in the first game (involving digitized actors) was created by cutting out a piece of a plastic mask and painting it a silver color, then attaching it with spirit gum to actor Richard Divizio's face"

This shows that I made my mask in the same way as the props department of the original Mortal Kombat game

28th September 2011: General Update This costume is going nicely to plan.

The "soft" parts are sourced and altered as needed. Just need to hem the sleeve holes on the shirt.
My pouches have arrived, so I will be weathering them using fine sandpaper and black boot polish. I have twice the number I actually need, so I can afford a mistake or two :P

My knifes are about 75% complete. I've done the hard part of building them, so now I just need to sand them, then paint and wrap the handles. I've decided to be a bit fancy on the blades, so once the edges have sanded smooth, and the sides keyed, I will be using steel leaf to make them appear metal. I hope it works out :P

The most difficult part of this costume is going to be the Baldric and the light on his Chest. I have a small LED light I will be using, and will be putting the main part of the electronics in one of the belt pouches. I will just need to get the Baldric to sit right on me....

25th August 2011: Ref Pics and Knifes Been having issues getting good reference pics. It seems it's more difficult than I thought taking photographs of a PC Monitor :P.
But, I appear to have solved that problem by souring YouTube for videos and taking screencaps of them....All in all, over an evenings work to get the pics, and even then not to the quality I'd prefer.

The two knifes that go along with this costume are coming along quite nicely.
I have had to make them from scratch, due to the slight issue with my Diving Knife being obviously too dangerous for Events...
The base for them is Polycarbonate, with the Butt, Handle and Guard all being sculpted from Milliput. Each one is about halfway sculpted at this point, but I will be posting pics of them soon....

Numta avatar

Numta - 15th August 2011
Looks epic so far dude! keep up the good work!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 16th August 2011
Looking great

Tony-Jay avatar

Tony-Jay - 17th September 2011
Thanks Guys. Will hopefully have some more WIP shots soon