Alice L Malvin (Ball gown from ep 7) - Pumpkin Scissors


AmeCon 2007




Alice's ball gown, done for the cosplay ball at Ame 2007. I loved the colour scheme (blue-purple and pale green trim), and was ideal for the event.

The dress is made of polyester satin, and drimmed with some fabric I had left over from an earlier costume. I did the bodice in an evening, and the skirt a few days later. The dress itself didn't take too long to put together, but the timmings did. I had to stand in front of a mirror pinning the sleeves on and hoping I didn't stab myself in the boob in the process! The ruffles at the bottom also took a while, as I couldn't get it to hang right. Finally, the flower is pre-made and held on with gluegun glue. There are transparent bra straps attachhed, to make sure it didn't fall down.

In retrospect, I should have used more panels on the shirt (it's just four large ones), as I think that would have hung better. I'm going to make a petticoat, so hopefully this will help. It was fairly comfy to wear, but a bit long (I was hiding my boots under there as I didn't have time to sort out suitable shoes), and I trod on the edge a few times.


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