Austria - Axis Powers Hetalia

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Ayacon 2011




Bogstandard Austria, no fancy variants this time.
Originally some of it was worn by my SO at Amecon last year. But I make a better fop than him, and besides he had to shave- not recommended- so I have 'requisitioned' it. I'm 1/4 Austrian anyway, so I win.

Consists of: frock-type coat, knee-britches, ohsofancy lace cravat and cuffs, brooch, gloves, specs, misc. bows, boots, and probably something to go under the coat which you won't see. I've got a vest.

Coat is made from blue upholstery stuff with a damask floral pattern. It's subtle but looks more fancy than plain blue drill would (also less prone to creasage), and is trimmed with very spiffy silver braid. Because it was originally made for a bloke it doesn't look like gurl clothes on me; I haven't altered the fit, just moved the fastenings. The cuffs are separate for ease of ironing but look like they are part of the coat, and are of white gathered Valenciennes lace. Much fun was had with the buttons, which are actual Austrian coins set in a fancy silvertone surround- in keeping with how Austria likes glitz but is in truth the cheapest of cheaparses, they are 5 Groschen pieces and worth about tuppence. They're a bit small; I wanted buttons with the eagle design, but the next size up that has them would be some type of schilling which is far too costly. Also, if you're planning your own currency, don't make your coins out of zinc. It doesn't stay shiny- I had to paint these with silver enamel.

Love my britches. These are what I wear for boystyle loli doings in RL, and are black cotton drill, slightly gathered with ruffled button cuffs and guipure lace trim.
I have a most superb aristocrat style lilac blouse, also from my loli collection, which would be exceptionally Austrian but it's unlikely to be seen so I probably won't bother. Shame.
Cravat is the same as Prussia's (although technically he nicked it), white Cluny and Valenciennes lace but here worn without the eyeball. I have a silver edelweiss pendant on a ribbon which will do as a cravat-enhancing brooch. I'm using the white kid gloves again, at least until I get bored of them. I have obvious manual-worker hands so best keep them hidden if I'm trying to look like a gentleman. I also liberated one of my mum's eleven spare pairs of reading glasses since I was having trouble finding suitable secondhand ones.
Feetwise I'm using my extremely prized Innocent World boots.

Saga of Hair- I can use my original hair colour for this. I last bleached it at New Year, it's had time to grow out by now but is not co-operating so I dyed it back to what it is naturally. That's a bit feeble. I'm not cutting it so will probably go for some olde-fashioned ponytail arrangement.
Finishing off with some violet circle lenses.


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