Remus Lupin (Marauders' Era/School Years) - Harry Potter





Okay. Okay. Okay. So about time I put this up here, since... Well I've actually been cosplaying him since just after the first part of the Deathly Hallows hit the cinemas, so um...quite a while? ='D

Remus was always my favourite character in the books, and same goes for the films. I just absolutely adore him, and something about him just...sits really well with me. Like he suits. Plus, you know, the Marauders own all things HP. <3

My love for all such things also has a lot to do with the fact that I have the most wonderful, brilliant, and cocksure (yes I used it, Padfoot <3) Sirius Black in the universe. Which is rather bloody fantastic if I just might add. Also, you look DROP DAMN NUMMY. Hadtobesaid. <3

Together we'll be tackling their Hogwarts uniforms (I cannot wait for the swishy robes. OMGTHESWISHYROBES.), which will hopefully get done...soon? Ish? Hopefully? I don't know. But they WILL be done. <3 We're also planning variants from the original Order of the Phoenix, so during the First Wizarding War, which should be nice and easy and epic 8'D.

As said, technically I've already worn a casual of this (cardigan, tie, etc.) around several times, including on a certain trip to a certain cinema, to watch the last film of something utterly magical. <3 CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE A START ON THE ROBES.

And, of course. Feel free to brick me for this, but --
We solemnly swear that we are up to no good. <3


BladeyCakes posted on 23 July, 2011 - 23:23
Hey, Moony. Moony. Moony... OLD MAN REMUS, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO BE, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO BE, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO- *brick'd* Not that OLD MAN REMUS matters, as you're still nice and young and LIMBER >;D ...though you act like an old man, sometimes. Siriusly, mate, what's with the cardigans? >__> He's kidding. He thinks they look so very adorable on Remus. Which they do. I CAN VOUCH FOR THAT. BECAUSE I'VE SEEN MAH DIDDY, ADORABLE REMUS IN A DIDDY ADORABLE CARDIGAN AND IT SUITED HIM SO VERY WELL <3333 *huggles you, and lets Sirius tackle Remus* <3 HE'D BETTER SIT WELL WITH YOU. FOR YOU SIMPLY BECOME REMUS. Just... HEEEE! I'm so proud and lucky that I'm able to cosplay Padfoot alongside such an amazing Moony! MARAUDERS FTW. We totally pwn the new trio, with our hip 70's music and overtly-British ways~ ;D Seriously. SIRIUSLY. The LOVE. MY DEAR. THE LOVE YOU'RE GETTING FOR DOING THIS. WITH MOI. You fuel my love of Harry Potter by allowing me to flail and spack and act like an obsessive fangirl, and for allowing me to constantly unleash my Sirius muse upon you xD *tickle* I owe you a much better comment than this, but I will simply say: SO MUCH LOVE! MISCHEIF MANAGED!! <3 *rolls* xxx