Miharu rokujou (School uniform) - Nabari no Ou




I'm using just a short sleeve shirt however if I can find a blazer in time then I will wear that as well, this is my first full cosplay and expo, I can't wait :D


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Progress Journal

23rd July 2011


Still not ready and there is less than a week to go :s I still need to cut the sleeves and possible find a blazer. I have really long thick hair and so I am struggling to fit the wig cap on properly, I've tried loads of methods but if anyone has a better idea then please let me know :) I also decided to do a very simple pair of cardboard devil wings so that people will know that I'm cosplaying miharu and not just doing a poor attempt of James potter. It will be my first convention and my first tine cosplaying and I am so excited, hope to see some amazing cosplays!!!! :P