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So this thing happened when I had a free costume for Auchinawa and... Then volume 25 came out.
Apparently I'm a sucker for ninja's, so I figured why not! Woo~ for cosplaying yet another totally unrecognisable character. Also it's been pointed out that I've cosplayed a different Gintama character to every convention I've been to this year... I thought that I might as well finish it off with Auchi so I'd not have to cosplay from this bloody series again... [Insert famous last words here]

I went looking around on eBay and found some nice cheapy-ish 'Naruto' plastic kunai sets, so I'll swipe up one of those, sand the Konohagakure symbol off and use them for my props. Woo~

Edit 25/11/08:
So Expo and Auchi passed without me finishing this... It's been 90% finished since August when the Yoshiwara arc was still being serialised, and I really hoped to wear it then! But alas, laziness and other plans apparently took over.

Now I'm going to wear this for Minami next year when HOPEFULLY the arc she appears in will be out in the anime! There's a hint in the new opening that it'll be in this season, so I'm praying finishing/wearing her will coincide with that and I might actually MAYBE PLEASE?!? get recognised.

Edit 6/12/08:
Might be getting put off again, fff... Heads will roll...
In other news I got my obi! It's lovely and purple and bow-ish... And I look forward to spending hours figuring it out!

Edit 15/01/09:
The anime arc is mind bogglingly epic, so I've decided to change my plans a little bit and do that version of her outfit with the red obi since it goes better with the orange flowers... And now, hopefully I'll have a Kagura and Shinpachi in their Yoshiwara outfits with me :D Happy, happy, happy.


soph24 posted on 23 January, 2010 - 17:37
Omg another Tsukuyo!! XD lol did you make the outfit yourself? O_o in 4 hours?! omg teach me master Y__Y

Felixize posted on 24 January, 2010 - 13:32
Yeah, I did.... But I'm really not happy with it XD;;; There's a lot I need to go back and change (or, in fact, remake entirely!) before I want to wear it again. Though it's on the back burner a the moment, there's like 15 other Gintama characters/outfits I need to do/finish before I remake anything old! XDDD;;

soph24 posted on 24 January, 2010 - 20:14
It looks fine O_o but I know what it's like not to be completly satisfied with an outfit..especially when you've made it yourself! lol I had a hard time with my Katsura one cause it was the first sewn one for me too @__@ And yeah..GIntama is such an AWESOME series with so many characters X3 And each one can have such different outfits depending on the arc.... ...good luck! lol

Rain posted on 26 January, 2011 - 19:38
Great cosplay!!

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Progress Journal

21st March 2009


Voila! Huzzah! Finished Tsukuyo completely, bar the hair-kunai which Frazzy is making for me. Got the last little bits of detail on the leaves sewn in yesterday, so now I rest easy~

I hope I can find my sleeve, though, I haven't seen it around for a while...

29th January 2009

Progress at last~

So... I'm FINALLY onto cutting and sticking/stitching on the leaf designs to the kimono. Which I also FINALLY dyed the other day.
It's taken a long time... Other projects getting in the way and no one to wear it with, but now she's finally nearly complete!
The hair kunai are almost complete too, just waiting to get a small piece of dowel for the handle bits and to glue the hair clips onto them and it's done!

10th September 2008

Hems away!

Argh, finally finished hemming every single bloody inch of that kimono. No photo to show for my efforts since I've lost my camera cable, but it's not quite at looking-stage anyway! I still have to interface/attach the collar and dye it black... So it's more like a one-sleeved hospital gown at the moment...

When I can be arsed tomorrow I'll attach the collar and whack it in the machine to dye it. Then comes dying the fabric for the obi, and cutting out/painting/applying the leaves. Lots of stuff to do yet! Hopefully I'll finish it before the term starts!

7th September 2008

Kimono semi-done

I figured I might as well have a go at this journal thing now it's here... Finished the base of the kimono today, all it needs now is a collar and dye! The sleeve-that-doesn't-have-a-sleeve was particularly annoying to sew since I accidentally ran the side up before hemming it, which led to all sorts of problems when I did get round to that... It doesn't look so bad now, though! I might loosen that arm hole off a bit more later on if I think it's too far up the back, but it seems fine to me at the moment.
Got Frazzy to cut out the shapes for the leaf designs which I'll cut out and applique on next week after they've been painted.