Chidori (Bonta girl varient) - Full Metal Panic Fumoffu




I made Bonta-kun for a Wessex skit at Minami 13, and was really impresseed with how the feet came out. So I plan to re-use them as part of the (much skimpier) bonta-girl Chidori outfit. I'm hoping this costume won't cost too much as I have most of the materials I need left over from other things.o far

Top is made to the same pattern as Matoko and Kyoko, out of gold plush velour. I was a bit worried when I made it that it wouldn't fit - the back wouldn't lie flat, but if I made it any looser the front wouldn't sit right. Fortunately clear bra staps fixed the problem and it now fits fine. There was a smililar problem with the hotpants but that was fixed by tightening the holes with elastic. They're much closer to panties than hotpants I've made previously. Details were done using a brown marker pen (surprisingly haard to find!)

Paws were made from the same fur as Bonta. The first pair I made were a bit large, so I remade to a slightly different design and they look much better. They're stuffed in the back to make them a bit less flat.

The hat was something I was worrying about, but actually worked really well. I found a pudding bowl in a kitchen shop (I had to guess the size as I couldn't really go around putting bowls on my head!), and covered it in a single piece of green felt, stretched over to fit the shape. The brim was made of cardboard, again covered in felt, and a yellow ribbon used to cover the join. The ears were made from pipe lagging,bend round in a circle and covered in the same velvet as the rest of the costume, as I ran out of fur. The central circle of the ears is Kirara fur.


MangaChild posted on 8 October, 2007 - 16:15
I know your going to do a great job on this one you and Jo are always welcom in bristol if you need a hiding place lol XD

gaming_goddess posted on 5 April, 2010 - 18:12
This is so cute! And the hat is brilliant :)