Ritsu Sohma (Kimono wearing Ritsu) - Friuts Basket




1) I chose to make this costume because a group of us did Fruits Basket Cosplay for Expo, and Ritsu Sohma is basically the only character i look like from the series, and since the end of the series hasn't come out over here yet, i had to do the kimono version.

2) The cosplay consisted of a white shirt tucked into brown trousers and then white split socks with black flip flops. On top of the shirt and trousers went the actual kimono which was a silvery breen colour (in silk) with pale pink and blue flowers on it and white japanese calligraphy. The Obi was dark green citton about 15cm thick and with lilac etching. Onto the obi was sewn star motifsa in various colours.On top was a purple string tie, and on the back was the bow of the obi made out of cardboard and then covered in fabric the same colour as the obi. I then had a monkey slung across my shoulder to signify who i was. My hair was partly tied back with a bow made of a hair clip and covered in the same material used for the obi

3) The hardest part was making the bow, the material kept peeling away from the card. Easiest was the actual main kimono, coz i admit, i bought it when i was in america last summer. sorry!

4) I learnt don't leave it to the last minute, i was sitting up until 4am the night before expo sewing, oh yeah, and don't go to karate the night before expo coz you get loads of blisters.

5) it was great wearing it (albeit hot), and it didnt fall apart until i took it off for the last time on the underground (im really naff at sewing btw)


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