Pansy Parkinson (PoA book) - Harry Potter

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Draco and Pansy



PoA based book variant uniform.

I hope to do other variants but that's a long way off.

Finally used: Happy Birthday Harry mini shoot - 31 July 2012, Around Oxford.


Elle posted on 11 September, 2012 - 15:18
Beautiful necktie.

Progress Journal

not long to go.. (Posted 14th July 2012)

just testing wig again after a year. It's more shiney than I remember, but i think it's ok. It's gone a bit weird, so i have brushed it and other maintence things but it doesn't seem to be working.. no idea why it looked ok back them it's only been in a box :/ I may borrow one on the day.
a few weeks to go.

31st July; I will be joining DRACO <3, Hermonie, Harry, Ron and Ginny. for way too overdue Potterage!! you have no idea how many YEARS we have been waiting to do this. We have pages and pages of ideas. Not sure we will get it all done in a day mind you..... Oh wait, we're ok Hermon has his timerturner - we will be fine!

Pansy begins (Posted 30th May 2012)

I didn't use her for that Sunday meet in the end. But now we are planning a big-ish group in the summer. Eeeeeeeeeee! It's going to be amazing!!! I get to be Pansy as we have an awesome Tom. Most of them are heading to LFCC too.

I will wait until I see what the others do version wise, and adapt accordingly. I will be using one of the wigs I bought before as they aren't 'THAT' bad I don't think... There's the webcam pics I took before. I like the shorter one, ut the longer is more like PoA movie.

quick start.. (Posted 29th July 2011)

I bought a basic bob wig from fancy shop, I am doing a 'not at all accurate' of Pansy (PoA), just for some funs with friends. Then I will get a better wig!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as I need it for Sunday and it's the only one the shop had. I will just be using my slytherin uniform with this bob wig.) I have some cool plans with some friends in the future.