Tyler Chase (Sakura Tohgo) (Under the Knife 2/Second Opinion) - Trauma Center

In Progress

Amecon 2010


As we're going to make a Trauma Center cosplay on Polish convention Ecchicon 4 which is about to be held in February, I -had- to take a part in this project. And so, Tyler Chase is perfect for me to cosplay~

Caduceus outfit
Black, long-sleeves shirt - I actually have one!
Dark blue pants (probably jeans) - Ditto.
Headgear; headphones with microphone (even though he doesn't wear it in the game. It's just cool.)
Caduceus waist bag
Some dark shoes... or adidas. They never shown his shoes anyway. XD

iggie posted on 31 August, 2008 - 21:20
Uwahh you're gonna make a perfect Tyler~ Can't wait to see progress XD