Origami Cyclone (Casual) - Tiger & Bunny




I would say entered into the sunday masquerade, but we WERE the sunday masquerade, so... um.

Also worn:
Hyper Japan 2011
Oct expo 2011
Fushicon 2011
Kitacon 2012


Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 November, 2011 - 12:31
Are you Effing kidding me?! you look AMAZING! HOW CAN NO ONE HAVE COMMENTED! you really really really look amazing! the jacket is beautiful! and the sash! how did you make it?! O_O

Purplefluffychainsaw posted on 4 November, 2011 - 17:01
Aaaaah thank you! *____* Both the sash and the jacket are hand painted. I made all the sashes for our group, and our PDAs.

Mothfox posted on 25 July, 2014 - 12:35
Really amazing! You make a great origami cyclone! Well done and keep up the great work!