Kamen Rider The 1st (The 2005 Movie) - Kamen Rider





At the moment I am savaging the parts to make up this cosplay ^^


Current plan:

Locate Helmet and alter.
Make belt.
Leather trousers.
Make tunic and create muscle armour.
Make red scarf.
Locate Glove.

some parts of the leather like gloves and boots might need to be dyed with leather dye.


Was going to wear this outfit to Ayacon but that project has been put on hold for the moment, due to having a baby. Will defintely put this outfit together in the near future. 1st thing first helmet, will purchase a helmet as soon as things pick up. Time to start saving lol.


nanahara posted on 31 August, 2008 - 16:45
this will be awsome to see done

malicemana posted on 31 August, 2008 - 16:47
I can't wait to get started on this costume ^^ It will be expensive but worth it!

cheerful_bunny posted on 19 November, 2008 - 19:28
It's a good job I love you, isn't it, while you're wandering around dressed like a giant armoured creepy-crawly and hiding your pretty face? *tut tut* <333

Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 March, 2009 - 11:18
RIDER KICK!!! Get it done I cant wait ^.^