Saya Takagi (School Uniform) - Highschool of the Dead


Okay I've liked HSD since June'11 and I have fiiinally managed to get my friends to look into it and cosplay with me! I desided I wanted to do Saya because I havnt done a single pink haired character in the 6 years I have been cosplaying that and I want to pretened I'm smart, even if it's just in this cosplay xD

I will need to get the pink wig (This is a lie, Pudding is lending me a pink wig~) and I MIGHT need green fabric, I dont know if I want to use the thin polycotton I have I would much rather have cottondrill moreso for the skirt because it'll still move but my thick enough to not show anything haha! I already have shoes and glassess and socks so it's liturally just the uniform and the wig :D

Oh! I also have contacts~ x3 I bought them in on sale and they are still alive! Good times.

- posted on 17 July, 2011 - 14:30
We should totally get pics together! i don't know who i'll be doing first mind! Saeko or Rei!

sjbonnar posted on 17 July, 2011 - 14:47
You're going to suit this so well! I'll be doing Hirano in the near future!

Raine posted on 17 July, 2011 - 15:45
@SachikoYumi I did notice that you had Saeko on your list aswell, I'm looking forward to seeing it too~ I'd be amazing to get photos togeither I've actually pouted at my friends to join me ones desided she's going to do Shizuka and my other friends going to do Takashi :D~ @sjbonnar Thank you x3 You'll make an amazing Hirano O:

No thanks posted on 24 March, 2012 - 13:14

Pink Trainers

Total cost: £0.00

24th March 2012


So today I desided to go forth n try n make my pleated skirt! Suprise Suprise I dont have enough fabric... So I cut it in half (making it thinner than I'd have liked) and now it may also be shorter than I'd have liked! Sacrifices.... xD Also people do you all not know how to draw? Half the time it's a knife pleate n the rest is box pleate! Arg!!!! ---- edited later that night---- couldnt work on it most the day as we had guests over so the livingroom was full so I worked on it tonight! I picked knife pleats for my skirt, it sit's nicer n fits the thick gaps that the figures show so alls well! now to sew it in the morning when everyone is awake! :D

26th February 2012


Well I couldn't get these in pink without paying £40 so I laughed and bought cheap white ones and painted them. They look quite cute actually :3

17th February 2012

I actually started work on this!

As you can tell I'm proud to have finally started it and in the image there is progress! Not a lot but still xP

15th January 2012


Okay, so I have green fabric already I just need to hope it's enough. I have an older pair of glassess which should work too! I got the silk ribbon I needed too so I'm doing well for myself! Missing? Pink ankle baseball shoes.... Why must my feet be the size that no-one seems to have?! D':

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