Snow Villiers (Bandaged) - Final Fantasy XIII


Ayacon 2011




Vivi posted on 22 August, 2011 - 22:10
Looking good hun! All the better coz I know how much work went in and it's your first cosplay =) V proud <3 xx

Amy-Lou posted on 24 August, 2011 - 16:42
Most coveted tea towel ever! Glad you got some photos, though hoodie Snow is also great ;)

Lemaow posted on 24 August, 2011 - 19:25
Just glad I finally found...something...I could use! Hoodie Snow gave me an idea for a Snow variant.. In training/boxing Snow! XD Got some taken in HQ too so hopefully they will emerge at soon. I'm interested to see them too. Never posed in front of a camera like that before.

Numta posted on 30 August, 2011 - 13:05
Awesome work on snow! Gutted I never spotted you at Aya!

Lemaow posted on 5 September, 2011 - 11:49
Cheers! Tbh I was in a hoody most of the time due to the weather (hence hoody Snow mentioned above) and by the time the Sun came out i was heading back to change. In the end was in it for about 3 hours max and most of that i was in HQ so i dont think many people saw it at all lol. I'm sure Snow will be making a comeback though..once I work out the rest of the cosplay and dont have to rely on bandages..although it was a cool version to do, and handy in the Sun! :)

Progress Journal

7th August 2011

First try on...

Tried it all on sans bandages and it looks ok! Boots, gloves, wig and tea towel still need a bit of work but overall i think its ok...and not too bad for a first go.

I took a couple of pics too so i might upload them at some point too :)

Oh and wig + doorag = WARM!

5th August 2011

Nearly there..

Tried a few things on together for the first time. Its looking ok! Got studded belt through, which may or may not be too short but should be useable, and now just waiting for the tea towel! Found some fabric that will do for it on ebay which is on the way which has eased the annoyance at the fact that the scarf still hasnt arrived and is pretty much lost...think refund might be on the way for that..hopefully.

2nd August 2011


After just popping into River Island I happened across an even better belt than the ebay one in the sale. So i bought it. I uploaded a picture of that one. I think i'll be wearing that outside of cosplay too!

Boots arrived today and they are a good height and colour. Stitching over the toes which i'm not sure i can do much about but still they are pretty good. Just need to find the silver/grey snakeskin-esq material for them now...if i can. Oh the boots also smell quite a bit so i'm letting them air for awhile XD

Scarf is lost i reckon. Which sucks because it was pretty damn good for Snows tea towel. Seller is going to push Royal Mail so hopefully something will come of it even if i just get a refund. I have scouted others including one that looks identical so fingers crossed...its pushing it for time though.

New gloves are on the way after going to far with the microwave shrinking. It works really well...until you soak them in water first and then do it lol.

All thats left now is the studded belt which should be on the way shortly!

Wig needs trimming, gloves need zips/buckles adding and boots need material stuck on but other than that its going ok...i guess..

28th July 2011

Ebay stuff has arrived!

The belt is great...but theres no way its fits a 36inch waist. Im 34inch waist and it only just goes around me! Needs roughing up though.

Trousers are massive...but i think i work. Once i get the extra pockets and stuff cut off. And they look right with the belt...if very baggy.

And the wig! Which i'm not sure what to do with yet. But I'm sure i will have to get it out the bag etc at some point.

Interestingly, the wig came all the way from China...and managed to beat a scarf (the one i'm gonna use as a tea towel) to my front door. Even if the seller did quite 8-10 days for delivery, thats pretty poor..

24th July 2011

Up and Down.. were a fail. Lost the auction on eBay so now i am off hunting again. Ordered some other grey cargo trousers which should do fine once i trim the pockets off. Awaiting a belt, scarf (aka tea towel) and wig from ebay too now.

At some point i will actually be able to put something together!! Need a single row pyramid studded belt, gloves (shrinking didnt work really) and the boots! Oh and bandages too..

At some point i hope to upload some progress photos at some point..only a few weeks away now!

23rd July 2011

Note to self..

Dont attempt to shrink leather gloves without wearing some sort of underglove..the colouring will dye your skin.. :S

20th July 2011

Doo rag

My doo rag has arrived! So far its the only thing that doesnt need any work or to be looked at again. Trousers are too tight around the quads (needs to be baggy) and gloves are a bit on the large side.

I'm sure everything will be fine come Aya though...

17th July 2011

First cosplay evar..

so i went for Snow from FFXIII. Seemed easy first glance anyway.

Started on it before making this account so already have trousers sorted, wig and doorag on the way and the boots scouted (and the dye needed to change the colour).

The tea towel that hangs off his belt I am having trouble with but have finally found a few things thanks to ebay so fingers crossed there. Only call it a tea towel because not sure what else to call least it will be handy to dry my hands on during the con XD

The belts I need to find yet too. And because its my first cosplay and I&amp;#039;m not much with a needle, i&amp;#039;m going to go has Bandaged Snow, and will need bandages also.

If i can find a coat then i will sort that out too, but time and finances are a bit against me at the moment. Finding it much easier to concentrate on my gym routine and getting into shape for it all!

Just tried on the trousers...tad tight around the quads but a good backup. Found what looks like a decent replacement on ebay though.