Pao-Lin Huang (Normal Clothes) - Tiger & Bunny




First of all i saw a picture of her and I thought 'Man that's a cool outfit' but then again I've kinda got a thing for jumpsuits (plus I've always wanted one).
Then I end up watching the series which is blooming brilliant. She's also a nice character as well, plucky and a little tomboyish. Favourite character too (though Kotetsu and Sky high comes pretty close)

I must have known I was going to make a jumpsuit because I bought a pattern off of Ebay a few months before. A mock up has been made, I'm currently looking at wigs and have found one that'll do. Unfortunately finding the yellow fabric is the pain in the butt. Luckily I think I've found some that's the right colour.

Definate for Friday of Expo and not sure about Sunday. I've got everything I need. I just hope it's alright on the day...which it was. that was awesome.

Remind me I need a sign saying 'Not the Bride OR Bruce Lee' when wearing this. I know it was to be expected but yeah ha ha. Still comfy though.


Flick posted on 2 August, 2011 - 05:34
Oooh, Dragon Kid! :D Looking forward to seeing this. ♥