Fai - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle


AmeCon 2006

First Place - London MCM Expo Oct'06 - group award




Having all read and liked Tsubasa we decided to do a group, and at the time only the first few volumes had been translated. These were easily the best costumes so far.

At the beginning we did have a Syaoran and Kurogane, but they ran out of money and we continued without them.

To be honest, there weren't any really hard parts about this costume, but there were a lot of time consuming elements.

The first piece to come together was the shirt - I used a very old simple shirt pattern and messed around with it until it fitted perfectly, then played around getting those interesting tails the right shape. I used bias binding for the edges and the fastening is hook and eye tape. I sculpted the buckles out of clay, then made a mold and cast them in resin so they would be identical (and match the ones on my Chii costume), I then gave them a few coats of gold spray.

The gloves were a bit tricky as I couldn't find long gloves for men - they are made of stretch cotton/lycra. However we did manage to buy the trousers and shoes.

The coat pattern was basically made up from scratch. It flares from the waist, has two-piece flared sleeves and a giant hood. It is loose-lined and trimmed with faux fur.
The trickiest part of the coat was getting inside the CLAMP mindset to creat the pattern on the back - once I managed that the pattern came quite naturally. I started by taking all the information I could possibly get from the cover picture and translating that into a flat pattern. A couple of bits had to be improvised, but if you look long enough you can work out almost all of the pattern from the picture.
When the pattern was all worked out I set about transferring it onto the coat (I did this when the coat was already made up to avoid any of the pattern not matching up). I laid it all out with thread so I didn't make any marks on the fabric - measuring various distanced to get the scale right - then drew in the lines with dressmakers chalk.
Once the pattern was on, I mixed up a huge amount of paint and got started. I would love to one day remake it and do the whole thing in applique but I feared that might kill me at the time! Once I'd done two coats over the whole thing, I outlined in black permanent marker, trimmed the coat with fur and that was it.

If it gets worn again (which I hope it will, but it is understandably hot in midsummer and I can't stand the Chii wig for my matching costume) it would be good to get a wig for Peter, but at the time wigs here were difficult to come by and mens' wigs to fit him were even worse!


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