C.C (Art book) - Code Geass




The main dress was made by my mother, but the farthing gale and petticoat under it were made by me.

I am very grateful to her for making me this gorgeous cosplay and for teaching me how to make the farthing gale.


Plasticsharkattack posted on 13 July, 2011 - 21:15

Nomes posted on 14 July, 2011 - 00:31
It was great to see this in person. The stitching is impeccable.

BernieBear posted on 16 July, 2011 - 21:29
Thank you both! All credit goes to my wonderful mother <3

Pandora-Chi posted on 24 August, 2011 - 13:45
Ah I remember seeing you at LFCC - you looked beautiful as C.C!! <3

Sephirayne posted on 2 December, 2012 - 06:05
This is gorgeous. You look lovely.