Hilda - Beelzebub


Ayacon 2011



Preferring to be called by a shorter name, Hilda is a demon maid who helps Oga take care of Beelzebub IV. She reveres the Devil, or Demon Lord, and feels that it is a great honor to be chosen as the child's "Mother", or caretaker, by the Demon Lord. Her most characteristic features include her Gothic Lolita appearance and (as pointed out by Oga's mother) "great big knockers." Hilda is also described as a bombshell, and her right eye - the left has not been shown so far and is always hidden behind her hair - is green. She rides a flying, leathery creature known as an AK-Baba as transportation and owns an umbrella which conceals a sword in the handle. Oga's family is under the impression that Oga and Hilda had sex and that Beelzebub was the resulting consequence.

costume made by me and photocredit to MangaChild

Big thanks and credit to Chibi for helping me with the wig! xxx

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