The Mad Hatter (Gothic) - Alice in Wonderland





Collectormania - a movie and science fiction based convention - was coming to Glasgow and I really wanted to go in costume. Ashe had made an Alice costume and I asked if she would wear that so I could go as the Mad Hatter.

My Mad Hatter isn't the one from the Disney film but and original design. This one is much more Gothic lookingand kind of inspired from the Malice in Wonderland computer games.

It consisted of a checked patterned dress, a waistcoat, boots, a suit jacket which I sewed buttons onto, the hat,a tea cup and saucer and a pocket watch.
I loved wearing. The absolute awe on the little kids faces as they saw us - well, probably more Ashe - was worth the fight I had with the suit buttons.


Ashe posted on 29 August, 2008 - 19:28
:D Yay! You looked awesome. And your tea cup didn't break, I'm impressed :P But woah my wig looks bad D: I'll send you the photos I took soon!