Jade Harley (Atom T-Shirt) - Homestuck




My friend said I'd probably make a good Jade. Probably my personality?
But I absolutely adore her, so I decided to go as her for London Film and Comic Con. Which was kinda funny, since I chose to do this two days before the actual event.
*Wig: Already had from my China cosplay, I had to change the fringe, but it's still safe for China cosplaying, as I can pin it away.
*Glasses: I own them already due to being short-sighted D:
*Shirt: £4 from Uniqlo. I found an image of the atom she wears, and zoomed in on Paint. This way I'd get the pixel effect. If I'd enlarged the image, it would have gone fuzzy. I screencapped the zoomed-in pixels and printed it onto transfer paper, cut the atom out and ironed it on.
*Belt: ...sort of borrowed from my father without his knowledge~
*Skirt: Already belonged to my mother c: she let me use it.
*Shoes: Just used normal converse. I drew a picture of Becquerel on one of the toe caps.


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