Cosplayer: HatsuneHawke

Variant: Elyos (Winged)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th May 2012: The last entry? So this maybe my last entry here WHOOOO
I finished the top last night and finished some details and bits gave i all a test rune <3 i can say though this cosplays making me feel sick =( not only because i keep panicing if its going to look ok, but if its gonna break, my moveability, and ontop of that, the glue the varnish and other things ive been using to make it just stink out my room, even with windows open witht he endless rain and unable to take it outside i guess i shall suffer. only 7 more days to get the ring and one side of a wing done and soldering + ironing, im confident it will be done before i leave, just not confident it will make it in one piece >.< this cosplays come a long way since day one, i cant wait to wear it, and get the wings 100% constructed!

See you all there =3

Luna x

28th April 2012: Apologies D= I bought my gloves... i sinned i know i am sorry =( but the ones i was making just weren't working and i had no fabric left to remake them in time or me to leave for london (15th may) with what i have left to do. if i have time i will re attempt, but i probably wont. but it is the only part i have bought that was pre made. so what have i got left to do? not too much =D

Make white details
put on velcro
tidy up trim here and there
re-solder a few joints that are weak
put black ribbon on top
make second wing
finish ring
add last paint details
(buy orb?)

and then it shall be done... in fact i think it will do the paint tonight so its dry in the morning to finish off sewing the last bit on machine and touch ups =D I CAN DO THIS! motivation is high, specially when it looking to a wearable standard lol

12th April 2012: bit of a low down I havent done one of these in ages, Everything's going good, royal mail managed to loose my extra order of wire that i needed, Electrics are going well apart from that, some re already installed and working, overall 12 circuits i think i counted? geez thats more than i had hoped >.< Since i last posted i seemed to have sorted issues, the top now fits perfectly.. ish that might change when ive cut in the hole for wings e.c.t in the back =\ hope not lol. seems a shame to paint all this detail and then cut into it. The cuffs i washed all the paint off and spray pianted them, they are now up to a decent standard imo. The collar now is almost done, well i guess the better way to do this is one of those epic "still to do lists"

- Paint Sleeves
- sew sleeves
- Sew gold on back
- Add ribbon to front
- Cut wing/ring holes
- paint last bits on collar
- Attach collar
- make "choker"
- Attach pouldrens
- Make/attatch Small white details
- finish gloves
- paper mache ring, Sand and paint
- finish electrics
- finish last hemming on back pannel
- tidy up stitching
- Finish last wing
- Put wings together
- paper mache and paint orb

- test run....if i get time lol

wooow thats a lot left to do O.o

1st April 2012: Never ever. NEver ever ever have i felt like crying over a cosplay... never, I think this is the first time i have been so upset, it was going so well, maybe i took on too big a project for my own good? Everything was going so smoothly, until i lost motivation... then the cuff paint cracked.. the details broke...the gloves wont sit right... The top doesnt sit right...an LED goes in a circuit...i run out of wire... the list goes on =( Im just going to go sit under a rock and hope magic faeries come and repair it and finish it all off for me.

17th March 2012: slow progress... The last week progress has been majorly slow, however i have made now the underlining for the wings and one out of 4 set of feathers, also i have almost finished one cuff which just needs a paint touch up before varnishing. The hand sewing is upto date but i expect there will be more down the line haha! I just finished painting the boot covers and pinning the fabric to the top of them, the best part, they are really comfey <3

I kinda have to buy myself a new glue gun though.. mine exploded XD so its put a bit of a hault on things. i also need a soldering iron but i know where i can get one cheap =3 so im happy i will hopefully get that in the week ^_^ am slightly panicking coz i want to get my sylvari repaired and my secret cosplay completed, and these wings are taking forever.... so if anyone wants to lend me a few hands XD

oh and if you hadnt already noticed my wig came, i styled it too and im pretty happy with it ^_^ its probably one of my best wigs to date but it was majorly stubborn on how it wanted to be styled.

10th March 2012: Buckle and details Yesterday my Wonderflex arrived, so since then i have been concentrating more on the harder elements playing around with this awesome stuff, im really pleased with how it turned out, especially as i used hot water, not the usual method of a heat gun to mould it =)i have also made the bracers and have yet to make the collar which shall also be made of it too. theres more to do on these pieces, and im planning on varnishing too, and adding a few other little details =3

7th March 2012: The wall! Today i hit that awful place no one wants to hit! yup... THE WALL! today nothing would go right, the back ring broke, the gloves went wrong, i took 5 attempts at the same section of my harness before it was good enough to use, the top i couldnt pin straight, I got myself in a majro muddle, guess im happy though i got the last i need for gems, and i did eventually after a lot of imput from friends fix the ring (the main join for the bars where it goes in the harness broke) ... tbh i think it wa a days gap of not doing any that knocked down my motivation, i hope after a good nights sleep i might be motivated to do a bit more...

6th March 2012: Who knew! Who knew sewing could be so fun!!! I've nearly completed the whole bottom part of this cosplay, just awaiting wonderflex and to hand sew some bits and it will be done (minus boot covers)the gems are looking awesome too =) quite proud

only issues im coming across is all this fabric weighs a tonne! so im having to use a belt to help hold it up... thats not the only reason seems ive lost weight since i started making this =\ it practically falls off me lol i guss its a good thing though, really needed to loose weight. also done a gem test, they're looking awesom i just hope others will love this as much as me


I finally got my grubby little mits onto the sewing machine, and i've been sewing almost solid for 2 days straight. Completing the 2 large skirt pannels the main skirt, almost finished the boot covers too! And i've added the pockets =D so all is going good ^_^ oh i've also almost finished the hip guards they just need the trim on now, The pouldrens also need a second layer of varnish,and the back ring and Gauntlet are looking awesome with their forst half done in paper mache, but im happy =) all is going well...... for now.

27th February 2012: Wig n stuff Finally I bought my wig and the last of my LED's and electronic bits yesterday and they have been shipped already this morning! talk about service =3 I have also started on the dreaded gloves, boot covers, the back ring and gauntlet are officially finished carving wise just need to put gems on paper mache + details and put in electronics.... and of course paint I just really want to get onto the sewing machine right now though! If i do that it would help me know what i have to do next, not entirely sure on which bits i havent cut out anymore =\

25th February 2012: Lore since my last entry i thought i would stop and study some Lore about Aion, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! i am impressed, im almost and ingrosed as i am with Guildwars Lore (and thats something hard to do) I love spiritmasters even more and the world they're from the story, and ive found out some thiings i didnt know before about terms and names of thigs... the "hub" is actually refered to as a guantlet in Aion terms.... common sense i guess? All thi i feel is a major part of Cosplaying imo you need to know who youre cosplaying for yourself, the character and the fans =)

on a more cosplay related note ive also been researching how to set up my electric =3 im all done now and finally figured it out haha, all thats left to do is await the last LED's and battery connectors and solder it all together. (i realised i also needed red LED's for the gauntlet and one purple LED for the "choker/collar")

My wonderflex has also been shipped, should be getting that mid next week hopefully =) Cant wait! =D

23rd February 2012: ....... just so fail! Well they always say nothing stays good for long, today has had some major downfalls, My fabric arrived and it is NOTHING like it was meant to be >.< however i have compromised and it will still look good regardless. so i hope that'll be good, then I found i had a refund for my wig i had ordered ... no e-mail jus a refund, on further investigation i was told that they had none in stock, even though it was listed! URGH! so i had to go on search for another wig, thankfully i was able to find a replacement, although not heat-resistant its the perfect colour and style and cheaper XD so i guess that a bonus? the 3rd thing that went wrong today was my foam, it hates me, i swear it trickled out of the can like it was epty! but it was brand new =\ thankfully a spray with some warm water made it grow really huge, howver i still had a few gaps, but they were repairable with any offcuts just glue em on and carve again. On a plus side i did get more plastic of my gems today =)

21st February 2012: Orb "hub" so why am i calling it a hub? well Its whenre the orb usualy sits when its not in use, however there is no significant indication on it where it sits when not in use and when in use (i dont play aion so yeah this bit gets hard) I know spiritmasters use these and i know its an Elos wepon, but i've nto seen it in gameplay so i cant tell much more than the reference, alot of "hubs" turn into the orb where as this one doesnt seem to (bonus for me lol) anyway ive made decent progrss on this already =) and very happy how its looking ^_^ cannot wait to add the details and start painting!

18th February 2012: WONDERFLEX, pockets and pouldrens Before i can get onto the actual title ill just do a bit of progress update, called epic win! you'll see why ;)

My solder finally came in the post today - WIN
I had more than enough fabric to finish cutting out the complete pattern - WIN
I had enough Foam to make the hip guards more rigid - WIN
I somehow managed to make my pouldrens from scratch without even knowing what i was doing in half a daze - WIN
I was given more plastic for my gems (now on 9/23) - WIN
I managed to get expanding foam for almost 1/2 the price it normally costs - WIN
I found cheaper sources for my battery packs cutting the costs down by about £9 - WIN
I have Clear varnish left over so i can coat my pouldrens - Win
all the fabric for the harness has been cut and is working really well =D

See where this is going? haha anyway other than all that which im uber happy about I figured out ill need somewhere to store battery packs for my back pannel lights, then it came to me, this is the first cosplay i can actually have pockets in without people seeing! SCORE! so i have cut out the fabric ready to put in, for 3 pockets which wont be seen but will be really easy for me to get to and store things in without a bag =) like cosplay repair bits, money and a phone and camera ^_^ cosplay not practical? it is now 8D

I also managed as stated to get my pouldrens done, theres still more painting to do but i am majorly happy! they just appeared out of nowhere in the space of a few hours.

Now onto the WONDERFLEX....what can i say? I'm being sent some wonderflex which will be used on this project! being sent by www.wonderflexworld.com manager. This is going to make my life for this project a lot easier and cannot wait to get using it! I have a lot planned i can use it for, lets hope it works ^_^ ill give full reviews on teamtimes with pictures when its done =)

(i swear these entries are getting longer)

....and at this rate ill be finished by the end of march XD (i wish)

13th February 2012: Nother journal needed, just ranting and mumbbling i guess? So I am writting another journal entry! yeah..... I ran out of gold paint a few days ago, and turned myself into a babbing bafoon about part of the cosplay i thought i knew about, but now fter a few days sitting thinking about it im ready to roll again, and i've also bought some white thread and some more gold paint as i seemed to have run out of gold >.< however its looking good! one thing i can say i feel like this is my best yet and cannot wait to sew what i've done so far together.... HOWEVER I now have to put it on hold for a week =( I have a room to decorate tidy blitz and a website to get up =\but hopefully after that i can get the sewing machine out ooooo *so excited* but with 14 weeks to go.... erm why am i stressing about getting it done in time already? Well I still got ALOT to do, most of it detail, but still its alot,

:- Collar
:- Pouldrens
:- Top
:- Sewing
:- Electronics
:- Back Ring
:- Harness
:- Wings (feathers and mounting feathers)
:- Boot covers
:- Painting on Detail
:- Style wig
:- Details
:- END

well thats a rough idea, going to plan it out so that i can hopefully finish it a couple of weeks before so i can adjust anything if i need to, transport it upto london and maybe even give it a full try out because my wings are currently being stored in london (the frames) and will stay there until AFTER the event DX Well i guess thats enough essay, needed to get it off my chest, probably be another one like this at some point lol not for 10 weeks i hope =P

10th February 2012: Gems So there seems to be many effective way of making Gems. Overall i think i looked at 5 techniques 3 of which i considered and then opted out of due to cost. I really wanted to make resin gems however it would cost way too much for what i want to achieve (especially the giant top gem) So when making lunch as i went to get a pear i looked at the packaging and thought "why do i have to vacuum form my own plastic when someone else has already done it for me!" the shape of the pear packet was PERFECT for a few of my gems, however i'll need more, I better start eating a lot healthier XD I used the same technique for the top of my staff and it worked wonders =) no one realised that i'd used a coke bottle for the crystal! So wth nail varnish at the ready im trying this out, and so far it looks awesome (IMO of course) Nail varnish just makes sure it sticks and gives it a decent pearlescent effect =) actually liking the fact its thicker in some parts it looks like the ligh is shining through a real precious gemstone ^_^

7th February 2012: Fabric fabric everywhere!!!! (i really dont think anyone else here blogs as much as this =S)

Today has been really productive, I cut out lots of fabric for different things, the belt (which was left over fabric from another project) the hip guards, the "necklace" and other details. I also painted on more details and found leftover fabric from another previous project that is a slightly lighter red for the back (YAY!) which is a thick fake suade. Also for the first time i tried using some Iron on studs, i will liek to say this was very sucessful only one fell off and thats because i didnt heat it well XD so if i need studs again i will defo try these =)

on a plus side during my rummaging to see what fabrics i had i also found a light white weight net fabric which will be perfect for the basse of my wings =) SCORE!

6th February 2012: GODZILLA STRIKES! Yeah.. not so amazgin as the title sounds but just as disasterous. MY brother decided to come in and walk all over the bits id done whilst they were still wet, thankfully a wet scourer spounge got the worst off, just taking it stage by stage to oget it off >.<

5th February 2012: Cutting painting, more cutting... so for the last 2 days since i got home all i have been doing is cutting and painting. I've managed to paint the back pannel and cut out details to sew on it, paint the details on the white part of the top cut out more fabric for the necklace collar bit which has all its studs layed out on it ready to be ironed on, and i've started on the painful task of drawing and cutting out feathers... which is where i wish i had a few slaves to help lol. oh well it will be more worth it at the end if i do it on my own.... right?

22nd January 2012: Let the cutting begin with a lack of patient and waiting to get home to start i thought i would start whilst im still in london just incase i need more fabric! Truth be told... i couldnt wait any longer. so today i have Drawn my pattern out on paper after quick small sketches covered in measurements and dived straight into the cutting after that, sp pleased so far, i managed to buy the exact amount of fabric i needed for a change, i usuallyoverbuy (not that thats a bad thing) but im enjoying it =D Cant wait to start sewing and putting it together, the more i make cosplays the better i get i feel and the easier things become =)

18th January 2012: Wings THEY WORK! The wings are actually put together 2 more adjustments nd they will be ready to attatch to the corset and feather up =D the reason for adjustment is pure choice of wanting them to fold in a little more and the main top wing is too long, although aion wings are huge... this is a little OTT XD

17th January 2012: Feathers Hmm, there are many ways to make wings with feathers, most people Buy feathers and shape them, only issue is feathers do not exist in Aion wing size! What do? I found many options.

1. Make each feather from foam
2. Make feathers from sticky back plastic and wire
3. Make Feathers from Card
4. Make feathers from Fabric
5. Make feathers from grease proof paper

Now all the above options have been used by other cosplayers and all look really effective, my only problem is which to choose? I may have to opt for card due to size, stability and movement. though maybe making the smaller feathers from one of the other options as these wings will move, and cards not flexible enough for that unless i use split pins maybe? *long hard ponder*

Picture of Progress by
dinotiste (cosplay.com) from Belgium on her feathers

16th January 2012: Wings Building is a go! yup yup I have all the things i need now to make the main structure of the wings so its time to get going a template was made, it worked they fold and everything! next to cut out the tubing and bold it all together and add loops of something to make handles and done ready for feathering.... which also have to all be made because feathers arent that big.

10th January 2012: Material buying is a go! Bargin after bargin of materials i've been finding lately so im majorly happy ^_^ i've cut down a lot of my cosplayu materials cost by half! and they're 3 times the quality they should be for the price SCORE! Also cant wait to give tassel making a go (doing this as buying them is more expensive) someones offered to help me with my electronics even suggested having them on a remote O.O this shall be interesting!

14th November 2011: They are here!!!! I Have lED's i have wire, Bits n bobs of cosplay are slowly appearing =D alls getting exciting, so i thought i would share my drawing from my sketchbook with you ^_^ i dont have a camera now so not many pictures =(

31st August 2011: Progress is progress Finally got sawing out part and making the buckle in the last few weeks the sketch book is filling up and all ive spent so far in 98p looking out for bargains and the right materials searching and browsing shops =) i will post some images later of sketches, maybe ;)

14th July 2011: Breakdown I finally got my sketchbook and have been drawing away breaking down the cosplay into manageable bits, each part I've written out how I'm planning on making it, what materials to use and the method, with a "blue print" like drawing dimensions and so on, I'm hoping that this will help me a lot more, especially with the wings! Also enjoying doing this, i get a feel of the shapes of each part too, i done a similar thing with my sylvari, but not as much or as detailed as this.

11th July 2011: So it has begun I started doing research as of 2 days ago, and I have already learnt so much, and with other information i have also known and learnt with my Sylvari project i can safely say i am defiantly excited! this project has got me working on Moving wings, which i have wanted to do for a long time, and more electronics than i thought possible O.o making my own circuitry this time however and using some new material such as Plastazote, Resin, 3D Fabric paint, soldering iron and Wood. And using some old fav's such as Heavy fabrics, a technique i picked up from 30Secondminionspawn, Foam, well i guess you will have to wait and see about the rest.

I haven't done much yet, however i will be buying myself a scrap book tomorrow to start putting all my info collection links diagrams material and wig options electric circuit information in and so on =)

when i write a journal entry from that point on i shall be using my Book for photos rahter than just random images, hopefully you will be able to understand better, however some things i won't be posting up ;) I want to keep people excited about seeing the final cosplay and really keen to see it all working =D

That's all for now ^_^

Luna x

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 10th September 2011
Hehehe this will be amazing to see!

808UnknownError avatar

808UnknownError - 13th September 2011
I cannot not wait to see how you do this!

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 27th September 2011
I srsly cant wait to get started on it properly, I already have 2 elements started ^_^

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 10th January 2012
Cant wait to see Luna :)

minato_haruna avatar

minato_haruna - 16th January 2012
This is gonna be epic ^^

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 25th January 2012
Awesome, looking forward to this. I plan on doing my Asmo sin when he reaches endgame, let me know when you plan on doing this. If I have enough time I'll do my Sin at the same time =D.

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 25th January 2012
Just saw you mean to do it for May, dunno if I can make that but I'll try XD.

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 25th January 2012
Awesome! Yeah I'm trying it for may, fingers crossed, wings included, not really sure which wing set my heart hasn't settled on one infact im not settled on a book or orb either =\ I'm undecisive, im trying to do this the best i can I was going to do asmos but i really dont have the figure for the armour ha ha. anyway it would be really awesome to have someone else there in something from the same thing (got a bit lonely being the only Guildwars cosplayer before)

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 25th January 2012
There are some really cool wing sets. I like to use books, but orbs do look cooler and you don't have to carry an orb around XD. I'll look into getting my Sin done then, moving in march so most progress will be from there on...oh dear XD.

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 26th January 2012
Ahhh looking at your other costumes im sure you could do it, dont push yourself though moving is a big thing so good luck! ^_^ Yeah i was thinking the same about books and orbs, which ever i have time for i guess? wings are main priority, i was thinking of doing either the Daloshunerk's Noble Wing or the starter wings (which would be a lot simpler for my folding wing design. Aion is just too pretty!

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 26th January 2012
Thanks ^_^. I know, so much want! XD I recently got Munin's Wing Feather which is simple but has nice blue highlights, but of course that's Asmo. So not much use to you :P. I have no idea how to make wings so I will be looking forward to seeing how you do yours. ^_^

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 26th January 2012
Awww they are the real pretty ones! I really need to pick up a copy of Aion soon, But i play so many games already,its hard to keep ontop. I do already have a cople of entries about wings in my jornal theres a picture of what i've already done and a bit further done idea for making large feathers and wing structure =) i searched "articulate wings" on youtube, if it helps =3

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 26th January 2012
Hehe, well it goes F2P in February so you might want to save some cash :P. Ah I see those now, looks promising albeit a bit ambitious for me I think, but we shall see. ^_^

NuFenix avatar

NuFenix - 5th February 2012
I can't wait to see this finished - I played Aion when it first came out, but lost interest in it.
I will look out for you this May :)

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 6th February 2012
Thanks =) I guess the reason for me doing it is because i have the Aion wing emote in Guildwars it made me look at all the Aion artwork, and hell its pretty awesome =D

@mysterious fayth: I will probably buy it but Guildwars 2 is out later this year and i want to get that (probably going to cost an arm and a leg)

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 17th February 2012
Loving this so far! everything is so detailed!

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 17th February 2012
I sooo can't wait to see this =3 it's going to be so impressive, even without the wings, lettalone with them

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 17th February 2012
Thanks guys =) Trying to get as much detail in as possible, theres so much!

- avatar

- - 18th February 2012
This is stunning!

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 21st February 2012
Your progress is excellent looking good, looking real good. ^_^

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 21st February 2012
Thank you =)

MysteriousFayth avatar

MysteriousFayth - 22nd February 2012
Looking very impressive so far, can't wait to see the finished product. =D

On a side note, the orbs usually sit in the centre of the hub, although I don't see where it is coming from in your reference picture XD. They are also not restricted to Elyos, although that particular skin may be. Not that it's important information, just sharing XD.

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 23rd February 2012
hah thank you <3 useful information is useful =D You put my mind at ease! I was thinking the same thing myself, there is nowhere to see where it would come from/store, i even looked at the 3D model render of it =\ its a confusing design but more simpler of them to do.

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 6th March 2012
Looking awesome love looking Awesome

minato_haruna avatar

minato_haruna - 14th March 2012
Wig is perfect Luna, good choice ^^

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 15th March 2012
Thank you

@minato the pic was after styling, i swear never used curlers to try edit flicks before, one side stuck out the otherside in, it was a mess XD

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 23rd March 2012
I love the amount of gorgeous detail gone into this ^^ Beautiful work so far :)

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 24th March 2012
thank you =3

D2SCosplay avatar

D2SCosplay - 19th May 2012
Can't wait to see this <3Can't wait to see this <3Can't wait to see this <3Can't wait to see this <3
Just saying :P

Viola avatar

Viola - 20th May 2012
Looks like hard work (:

SilentDragonfly avatar

SilentDragonfly - 28th May 2012
Saw this in the masquerade, you definitely should have won!

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 29th May 2012
Thank you for the kind words =)

I dont think i should have won because i know there were a lot of things wrong with the costume and as i was talking to judges a few things came off/undone i lost to a superior cosplayer, and it makes me motivated to try harder next time =)

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 30th May 2012
Loved your wings!!!
I'm so glad you wore them on stage in the end :D

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 30th May 2012
thank you <3 And thank you so much for your help too!!!! It was really really appreciated! much love to you!

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 22nd August 2012
Quick! She's escaped into the fields,,, we must get her back before the world is overcome by the sheer awesomeness!! =O