Full metal alchemist

Cosplayer: Carmina

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

9th July 2011: After thoughts This was my first attempt at cosplay. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out in the end, although there are a couple of things I would have done different in reterospect. The wig isn't quite right, a little too curly I think. Also the fingernails could have done with being more securely attached. They were a nightmare during the disco/ cosplay ball for keep coming loose. But overall she was quite fun to play and I did get a fair few positive comments.

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 9th July 2011
This is amazing! The hands are epic! x

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 12th July 2011
Thankyou so much! :)

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 15th September 2011
Ooooh creepy hand ! Love it !

MattDark avatar

MattDark - 27th March 2012
Way late, but I thought this was a great cosplay when you did it!
(I must have been impressed, as I rarely ask girls to dance at the ball, and I belive you were the first girl I asked)

supremeoutcast avatar

supremeoutcast - 4th March 2013
This is a brilliant likeness and the claws look stunning! Very impressive! :D

Tori Yummai avatar

Tori Yummai - 25th March 2013
This looks amazing!

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 10th April 2013
wow1 you look evil and hot ;)

izzisaysrawr avatar

izzisaysrawr - 29th July 2013
I love this! You pull off her character so well! Just look at that glare! ;D

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 25th September 2014
You make a stunning Lust! Dat corset~

MadlyScientific avatar

MadlyScientific - 18th September 2015
Ahhh headcannon Lust to be honest! The hands are incredible!