Mephisto Pheles [On hold] - Ao no exorcist (Blue Excorcist)



Blue Exorcist I stumbled upon, via friends. Who all said to watch it. And then they said they knew who they wanted me to cosplay.

I guess Mephisto is one of those people just want to see me as.

Accompanying my cosplay, is the Umbrella and a prop dog.

Anonymous posted on 14 August, 2011 - 16:47
ohhh!! nice choice!! :D Im gonna be Rin. Good luck!

Toy dog
Stripey pant things...

Total cost: £0.00

20th December 2011

Ironing is so boring...

Spent most of today ironing this whole costume so far... cause it's being in storage for a long time. Though, I'm a little unhappy again. I found out I need more fabric to finish the costume off... so off to fabric shop as soon as I have the money.

20th August 2011


Attempting to dye an old shirt for the mysterious under clothing benath the tailcoat. I've chosen a shirt, as it's easier to alter into a waistcoat say, then a backwards. Though, I'm using a short sleeved shirt for the fact it wont show and look closer to reference if it turns out he does have a waistcoat or similar on.

24th July 2011


So my ears came today. And I had a mess around with them :D I like them. I think they can be set to point up or down either way, but I prefer them pointing down and I think they point down on Mephisto more... I'll double check the offial art, but for now, I like how they look and the wig should when I buy and style, conceal where they join. :3

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