Horo (Kotobukiya's Horo) - Spice and Wolf

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Been wanting to make this for a little while. After watching season one of Spice and Wolf I fell in love with Horo's character and find her extremely likable and more down to earth then most female leads. For example she's not to trusting and sees the world for what it is, rather then running idolizing men with hearts in her eyes. Which is a good contrast on some characters I've cosplayed before like Sailor Venus.

I also like the fact that she can detect when people are lying which would be an awesome sixth sense to have.

I choose this version of the costume as I haven't made anything in a long while or drafted out any patterns, since I've been to busy with Uni, working, and a few other things while unavoidable that have unfortunately got in the way of free time.

So far the top half is cut out and partially sewn. The 3/4 circle skirt I'm having problems as a market seller from Shepherds bush ripped me off by half a metre. Sold me 3.5 for the price of 4 when I asked for 4 metres. So I need to go back and get more fabric when I would have been fine if I had that half a metre. My own fault for being tight but if I was given 4m it would have been fine as long as I didn't muck up. :( So I'm going to work on the tail and ears and wig for now, and pop in when I pass through again and hope they have the same reel there. Worst comes to worse I won't cut out the circle skirt and restart the top (which isn't that big) on a different piece of fabric.


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