Rufus Shinra - Final Fantasy VII




Rufus Shinra as an under-appriciated character. Sure, he destroys half the world but that doesn't make him an all round bad guy. I chose to cosplay him because it was easy and different. There wasn't really hard or easy part to it. I bought a scientist coat from eBay cut a length off the bottom and slapped some buttons on it. The undercoat, or what i call "Dressy Thingy" was made from an old bed sheet and a few popper buttons. The trousers....£6 from Primark. I didn't really learn anything from wearing it other than the fact people loved it that i went all out and dyed my hair bright orange as that's his hair colour in the game models (Do not argue with me on this. He IS ginger in the game). When i wore it, i felt like the boss of the world. Nuff' said :3

I'm first spotted in the YT link below at about 1:00 into it. And there's a weird random battle starting about 1:27 where i run off into the distance...


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