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SunnyCon 2013


I have a few Sakura cosplays in mind. I do admit I'm a wee wane n go "Ooo shiny!! :D :D"

Worth it!

The con was so cold I didnt get out my jeans n jumper.... maybe next time I wear it you'll all get to see photos.

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18th March 2013


2 patches down n 1 to go! So time consuming considering I'm doing them by hand but I dont trust my sewing machines stitching to be right, even if I changed he setting, I may practice with one before I go. T-shirts are in the wash (cheaper than making them so thank you Primark) then it's black ribbon on them, I need to edit my leggings into short and add red ribbon and it's done so I believe it'll be finished today with maybe a makeup n wig test throwen in!

15th March 2013

Hand sewing!

Hand sewing me some school logos! My fingers are displeased lol!

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