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An idea I quickly came up with after being invited to one of my best friends 20th fancy dress birthday party with a pirate theme. I didn't want to do the obvious hat-and-hook get up and saw this as a great opportunity for me to cosplay out of a con setting.

Moreover, I felt I wanted to do something different than what most people will come up with, so I decided on Sheeta. While she isn't strictly a pirate, she is first captured by sky pirates and eventually hooks up with them (no pun intended!), so I figured "Why not" (:

After re-watching Laputa as I havn't seen it in yonks, I forgot how good the film was and have a newfound respect Sheeta; she's "brave, compassionate, and smart" as Online Ghibli best describe her. I also think it's totally awesome that a frickin' 13 can cook a meal all by herself! (We don't see if she's following a recipe or not, but I suspect she isn't after being fully self-sufficient before being captured). She puts 90% of students to shame ;P

The party was not until the 23rd of this month, so I had a fair bit of time to go out and get the stuff I hadn't already got. I found pretty much perfect 3/4 length trousers and a yellow top in my everyday wardrobe and I made a red hairband and matching hairtie from an old t-shirt. I also already have a dark brown wig, though it only has one plait. My excuse is... I'm being Sheeta after one of her plaits gets shot off ;3

UPDATE: So Sheeta is now finished! Well, she has been since the 21st of this month, but I didn't have a chance to amend this.

I managed to get a pair of super cute red Dottie P pumps from a local charity shop in town for 6 quid, which was all I had left to get for this to be complete.

No one at the party knew who I was, but I didn't mind one bit; I loved wearing this. I did show said friend a week before who I was going to be, and when I arrived at the party she exclaimed "OMG you look just like her!" so that was kewl (:


L4dyPaiNe_X posted on 7 July, 2011 - 18:30
I've never seen this cosplay before. One of my fave films thumbs up :D I can't wait to see it. Are you doing her in her sky pirate outfit or her original?

Heorot posted on 7 July, 2011 - 20:31
Really? I've seen a few online. Yeah I really like the imagery of it and the storyline. I was going to do her red cropped trousers and yellow top... isn't that the sky pirate outfit with the original being the long blue dress? I havn't seen Laputa in soo long D: I should re-familiarise myself with it before I debut her (:

L4dyPaiNe_X posted on 25 July, 2011 - 12:07
yeah the yellow is her sky pirate outfit and the blue dress is her default when she first falls out the sky. you look amazing good job :D

Heorot posted on 25 July, 2011 - 12:36
Thanx muchly :3

Siouxsie James posted on 10 January, 2013 - 23:09
Cute cosplay :)

Heorot posted on 11 January, 2013 - 11:32
Cheers! Even if it is mainly a "closet cosplay" xD

Siouxsie James posted on 21 January, 2013 - 08:48
It's put together well! If you don't mind I might steal how you've done it and help my sister create one, she's always wanted to cosplay Sheeta!!

Heorot posted on 21 January, 2013 - 22:29
Why thank you ^_^ Please go ahead and use from it what you will! Is she going to Oct Expo too then? (:

Lady-Aira posted on 17 May, 2013 - 18:43
Awwwwww such an adorable Sheeta ^^ you suit her so well!! <3

Goggles94 posted on 31 October, 2015 - 19:45
This is so cute!! You make a great Sheeta!! :)

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