Setsuna Ikina (Cat Form) - OC


First OC I'm going to try and do.

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Paws(hands and feet)
Ears and Tail
Red Fabric
Gold Trim
Black fabric
Grey Wig
Black shorts
Light Brown Fabric
Chinese Style Top
Paws (Hand and feet)
Grey fur
Brown Fabric
Top pattern
Core for fasteners

Total cost: £0.00

12th October 2011

So close to finishing

Brown parts - These are now edged with the gold braid and have craft foam inside. Cat ears and tail - These are all done now too the ears just need to be sewed to my so-called grey wig ¬¬ Started making the chinese fastening thingy XD

11th September 2011

Nearly there!!

Top - added some gold braid to the top now just need to sort out the fastening...which I am making myself. Shorts - shorts are all complete with added braid too :D Brown parts - I still need something inside of them and to add the same gold braid as the shorts to them Ears/tailsd - I need to start these soon!

20th August 2011

Brown parts

Just started making the brown pieces and they are all shaped right XD I hope they are the right length, I also need to find my craft foam for putting in these! Still need gold trim but have a good idea where to get it XD

16th August 2011

Top progress

Top bas is now in progress, collar complete and interfacings done Only took about 1 day in total to get this far, next is cutting it to the right length and I still need to find the gold trim lol

14th August 2011


Well I have the paws now they were commissioned as I had no idea how to make the feet :D Just need to see if I can the ears and tail now which may also be commissioned but unsure yet. Black bits are laces which will be hidden xD Also started making the top with the red fabric and I also bought some brown for the pieces off the shorts XD

18th July 2011

Paws and Top

I think I might have foing someone to commission the paws from and the ears and tail I'm going to try myself. I have left over fabric from Alphonse so I will just use that for the chinese top, now I just need to find the right fasteners, gold trimming and time to actually make it

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