Rinko Jerad - The law of Ueki


Ayacon 2011




We marathoned this series (me and Junta) and it was surprisingly AMAZING! WATCH IT NOW!

We NEED more cosplay of this in the UK.

Anyway, I liked Rinko as soon as she showed up. Not much a fan of some aspects of her personality but most of it's pretty good. I'm trying to type this stuff without spoiling things.

Also, the reason I didn't make the shirt myself and add massive poof sleeves was because sleeves the size that Rinkos are would look hilariously stupid so I opted for easy and toned it down to cap sleeves.

Junta will be cosplaying Sano Seichiro who is also awesome and I get to make the costume for him too, it'll be my first time using the proper kimono, yukata and thing pattern I have from Butterick, should be interesting.

It's not strictly a couple pairing cosplay but I do think that Rinko and Sano are a pretty canon pairing for various reasons, all of which would be spoilers so I'm shutting up now.

Also she has glasses AND brown eyes, I need glasses and have brown eyes. THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME!


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