Takuto - Full Moon O Sagashite


Aya Again 2003




Fell in love with the series when watching it with my friend Amy, she adored Meroko, I loved Takuto, she always wanted to dress as a bunny girl and I love all things feline related - couldn't have found a better cosplay pair really. Well, despite the fact that Amy in platforms and myself in flat shoes makes the height difference *quite* amusing!

The hat was my favourite part (I have this obsession with wierd hats, leave me be!) and as so much fun. It was constructed from a foam football, shopping for it was one of the most embarrassing times of my life - me standing in a shop balancing the ball on my head asking Amy if it would be big enough. Of course *she* was far too busy laughing to say yes or no, and left me looking like a muppet! That's friends for you! I cut it in half and gutted it, covered it with white stretchy material and added the ears and band.

The black undertop and jeans were my own, modified slightly, and the jacket made from scratch. The gloves were plain white riding gloves with the details sewn on, and the 'cuff' attached seperately. I despise sewing gloves ;)

The little wings (which you can hardly see) were cardboard covered with a velvet material, cut to the shape of feathers - not very good to wear in the dealers room! Needlessly to say within a few minutes of being pushed around in there both our wings didnt survive. Lesson learned ;)


Inky posted on 19 August, 2007 - 17:18
This costume really does make you look like a little boy, Kat... A veeery cute one, but deff. a little boy :D

SherlockHulmes posted on 19 August, 2007 - 18:52
This costume is MINE now! XD I has da hat!