Ghost (Steve-lovin' sensitive) - Lost Souls


AmeCon 2008




I'm excluding the price of the blonde wig (£22.50) from the cost, since I'm using it for other things too!

Ghost, psychic vocalist in Poppy Z. Brite's awesome erotic vampire novel "Lost Souls"

Decided upon this merely because after talking with a friend about the book, she suggested we cosplay Steve and Ghost (who make up the band 'Lost Souls?' in the book)

Anyway, this costume was pretty easy. I trashed a pair of men's jeans, distressed the hat and added ribbons/'streamers' to it--basically I followed the description in a particular part of the novel!
The T-shirt is from Chessington World of Adventures, advertising The Vampire Ride (I was feeling ironic).

This was meant as an easy cosplay for the Friday at AmeCon, because it's fun to dress as a boy.

At last minute I made a microphone out of a tube of cardboard, a bit of tin foil, a gachapon container, spraypaint and sellotape! Yes, it was ghetto, but it needed to compliment 'Steve's' inflatable guitar!


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