Creed Diskenth (Eraser Version) - Black Cat


KitaCon 2010




After completing my Apostle of the Stars Creed Diskenth cosplay, I decided that I wanted to work on his Eraser outfit as well.

For this cosplay, I decided to use the original manga of this version of the character as a reference, using volume 13 as my reference materials.

The construction of this costume was completed fairly quickly, as I has a clear idea of how to approach the design and creation of the coat and shirt and knew exactly which materials would best suit both the weight I needed for the coat and the softness that the shirt needed to possess.

The costume was debuted at Kitacon and I entered this cosplay in the masquerade as a pair alongside Kherron20's Chronos!Train Heartnet cosplay.

Overall, I really enjoyed working on this cosplay, as the character is very distinct and influencial without the costume being too overbearing or difficult for me to construct. The cosplay is comfortable and the props easy to carry, so I don't find this cosplay a chore to wear in any way.

The cosplay has become one of my favourites and I plan to wear it often.

The wig was bought.
The shoes were bought.
Everything else was made from scratch by myself.


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