Creed Diskenth (Apostle of the Stars) - Black Cat


Kitacon 2009




Creed is my favourite character from Black Cat, so I decided to cosplay as him in his Apostle of the Stars outfit.
The coat is made from a cotton-wool mix fabric with black fur around the collar and cuffs.
The criss-cross detailing is made from elastic and is attached to a t-shirt worn under the coat.
The necklaces were made from velvet and elastic, polyester thread and a blue bead.
The belt was bought.
The wig was pre-styled.
The imagine blade was made from balsa wood, cut and sanded to shape, painted, fabric wrapped around the handle and a gold tassel threaded through the loop at the end of the hilt. The scabbard was also made from balsa wood.

I really love this costume. I'm really pleased with the finished outcome and I think that it will get worn a lot, because it's so comfy.


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