Kozi (Illuminati // Cyberland) - Malice Mizer


AyaCon 2005




My first ever cosplay!

The costume is one of the three seen in Malice Mizer's 'Illuminati' PV (and one of the 4 used in promo shots for the aforementioned single).

I chose this one because at first glance it seemed simple (HAHAHAHAHA!)
Don't remember how long it took to make it but it was under a week--I had 4 days to make it, right before Aya 05! Most of the sequinned sections were glue-gunned on and I destroyed a sewing machine needle making it ^^;
I think if anything, this first cosplay taught me to make my cosplays AGES in advance and try it on repeatedly to check it fits alright (it ended up being a bit loose on me!)
It was a great costume to wear, I ended up sewing a little pair of silver spandex hotpants to wear underneath because the splits went up so high XD


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