Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?




I've been planning to cosplay Jessica Rabbit ever since I first started cosplaying back in 2006, but I always put it off because I could never find any fabric that I was happy with - I didn't want to use dot sequin fabric (I dislike it), but everything else I ever considered using to make the dress was eventually left in the store because I was never happy with it.

I did eventually find some pretty red sparkly fabric that I was really happy with, and was talked into buying it by Mungojerrie and Sisceal. That was going to be the fabric I would use for this cosplay, until I discovered some beautiful cerise sequin fabric in the fabric store I work in - much more expensive than my original red fabric, but I fell in love with it and decided to splurge! One day I'll get round to making the dress out of my red fabric as well, but pink is one of my favourite colours, so I wanted to make the pink one first.

Anyhoo, this costume was a bit of a challenge from beginning to end. The first issue I ran into was what pair of shoes to wear - I have big feet, and had real trouble finding pink sparkly shoes in my size. In the end i went for silver, because I thought it worked well and it would be the best I could get unless I decorated the shoes myself. The pair of shoes I have are still a little too small for my feet, but that's something that I am (unfortunately) used to!

The wig was one I bought off eBay and styled myself - I hadn't realised how long it was when I ordered it, so I had to chop off some of the length. I also had to style the fringe, which meant I had to get out the reliable Got2B hairspray and hair dryer and go to work. Wig styling still isn't my strong point, but I'm pretty happy with the results I got.

For the first time I made a steel-boned corset to go underneath my dress and pull me in a little bit. I also managed to sew in two two-sizes-bigger bras to give me Jessica's assets, and I had to do this with a curved needle because they were so full of foam. I shredded my fingers up while sewing them in, which really wasn't fun. D:

Once the corset was made, I sewed a trial version of the dress out of some white muslin, fitting it to myself over the corset (many thanks to my mum, sister and BFF who all helped lace me up and pin fabric into place!). Once I was happy with it, the trial version was taken apart and used as a pattern to make the actual thing out of my sequin fabric, and I also lined it in a complimenting colour of dress lining as well. By the time I was done cutting out and sewing the sequin fabric, my brother commented that our lounge "looked like a fairy had dropped a nuke".

The gloves were bought from eBay (not totally happy with them; I'd like them to be longer) and the earrings were re-used from my Belle cosplay.

Overall I'm happy with the way my Jessica cosplay turned out in the end! After wearing it, though, I've decided it's definitely not meant to be a cosplay I wear at a convention all day, so in the future I'll probably only bring it out for photoshoots and conventions where I can put it on for an hour and take it off afterwards. I'd like to change a few things if I ever re-wear it, but right now I'm just happy that I finally get to be one of my favourite animated characters ever. <3


Mungojerrie posted on 30 June, 2011 - 16:46
Shush. We are awesome influences and you know it 8D

TheStarlightFairy posted on 1 July, 2011 - 20:59
What Hol said 8D You will make an awesome Jessica

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