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Lara Croft is one of my favourite video game characters - I've played Tomb Raider since I was a little kid, and I continue to play the games over and over today! She's a very special character to me. Despite having had the fabric for this cosplay for years, I've never gotten round to actually making it for various reasons. However, when a close friend offered to be the Nathan Drake to my Lara Croft, I knew I couldn't say no.

My first purchase for this cosplay actually goes back to my childhood - I couldn't have been more than 10 years old when I asked for a pair of black fingerless gloves for my birthday. Co-incidentally, I did need a pair for riding my bike at the time, but when I was picking them out I chose them because of Lara Croft. After that, the next item comes from at least ten years ago - when on holiday, I spotted a small, brown leather backpack being sold on a market stall that reminded me of Lara's. I bought it there and then and have treasured it ever since, and knew that if I ever got round to cosplaying Lara, I wanted to use my gloves and backpack for sentimental reasons. I feel like I've done my past self proud!

Again, when I was a kid, I had a pair of red sunglasses because Lara wears them - admittedly, mine were not round, but they were close enough for me at the time! Now that I have a proper pair of red sunglasses, I am utterly in love with these and I am so happy to finally have some that look just like hers.

The wig was cut and styled by me - I can't remember why i bought it, but it was a nice surprise to see I had something suitable hidden away in my wig stash. The boots are ones that I bought with both this and another cosplay in mind - I just have to swap the laces out to the correct colour.

I made the leotard out of lycra jersey; I was originally going to use a vinyl fabric, but as this costume's first outing will be in another (warm!) country, I decided against it and went for something lighter. The shorts, however, are made of a brown vinyl.

The holsters are made of black pleather, buckram, craft foam, velcro and a couple of buckles. I had a moment of panic where I hot-glued everything and nothing stuck, so I had to re-do one half of it with superglue. It was a little tedious, but at least nothing will budge now!

Finally, the guns - I actually have a pair of my own that were spray-painted silver, but I was not willing to take toy guns overseas. Instead, my friend spray-painted a pair of guns silver while working on his own props for Nathan Drake, and he is allowing me to borrow them while I am over there. :)

So all in all, it's taken a few years but I have finally gotten around to cosplaying Lara! I am so excited to be her and just hope that I have done Ms. Croft justice. <3


MadameLapin posted on 30 June, 2011 - 16:28
This will be awesome! I can't wait to see it <3

Yasmia posted on 24 March, 2012 - 23:07
Looking forward to seeing this! I think you'll look awesome!

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