Lyta Alexander (Green Jacket ) - Babylon 5



Probably one of my most comfortable costumes. I love Babylon 5 and attended pretty much all the Babylon 5 conventions that where in the UK at the time (bar a couple that I couldn't make due to clash of dates). Lyta is one of my favourite characters. I loved her costumes and at the time was briefly a red head so decided to make one of her costumes. I didn't fancy the idea of her PSI-corp version as it would require wearing leather gloves all the time. Plus, I really liked her outfit.

I did cheat a little in that I already had the top and trousers. I made the jacket and leather waistcoat from scratch using patterns I had made. I did have a slight problem in that the leather waistcoat ended up being too short (darn my unusually long body!) so couldn't wear it in the end. I sold it on the a friend so it was never pictured.

I still have the costume and would love to wear it again one day. Perhaps will make the leather waistcoat again one day.

FangGirl posted on 5 January, 2012 - 11:27
I just read info, If you ever get any photo's in this please post be epic too see because B5 is one my Fav's too :)

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