Armand - Scarlet Pimpernel (Takarazuka 2010)


Ayacon 2011




For a small Scarlet Pimpernel Group on the Friday of Ayacon 2011.

I decided to go with the Tsukigumi version, Mirio!Armand to be exact, as I felt that I was more able to pull off a younger Armand than the slightly older one that is in the Hoshigumi version. Plus, the others in the group are doing the Tsukigumi versions too.

The wig however I've gone for more of a Masao!Armand look... Masao was the opposite Armand when Mirio was playing Chauvelin and she had a curlier wig.


Minxie posted on 28 June, 2011 - 20:41
Yooooooooou are gonna look so CUTE~

Sephirayne posted on 3 August, 2011 - 18:37
Wow! Gorgeous coat is gorgeous :D

Progress Journal

8th August 2011

Coat is finished!!!!

I have finally finished my coat... finally. Oh my days. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this thing. XD XD This cosplay is nearly complete now too. All I have left to do is to finish styling the wig.

No more frock coats for a while for me now... XD

8th August 2011

Nearly done...

Pocket Flaps are now sewn and attached. Only have one thing left to do now, though there are lots of stages involved with it...

Onwards with the buttons!! Same stages as last time, covering them all and then sewing them onto the coat. See you in a few hours, :P

7th August 2011


The cuffs on the coat are now done. Probably should have used interfacing on them to make them a little more prominent but oh well.

Next stage is the pocket flaps.

7th August 2011

Inching ever closer to the end...

The band has now been sewn on, so no more messy edges from the covering. ^_^ My fingers are so incredibly sore at the moment so it's taking me a little bit longer to sew than normal. I'm also tired which leads to me being even more clumsy. A lot of stabbing with pins and needles has already happened today.

Next up will be the cuffs on the sleeves.

6th August 2011

Base Coat is now COMPLETE!!

The back is now covered in the green fabric meaning the base coat is now... complete!!! 8D So beyond happy, XD Tomorrow I will do the middle band, pocket flaps and cuffs, as well as the buttons. Then the coat will be 100% finished. And all that's left of the cosplay to do is to finish styling the wig...


6th August 2011

Front Panels Done

So instead of covering the back section in green, I decided to do the front sections first. Well... I lie. I did start doing the back but the piece of fabric I cut was too small and pulled so... I scrapped that, and decided it would be better to cover the front sections first instead. So I did. Now that that's done, I will do the back panel and then it will all be covered. Then it's time for the cuffs, pocket flaps and middle band, before moving onto the buttons. I'm pretty confident that I'll get this coat done by the end of tomorrow at the latest, 8D

4th August 2011

Sleeves Sewn

The sleeves are now covered in the green fabric. The amount of times I stabbed myself with my needle and pins whilst doing the sleeves... talk about being a pincushion!! XD They are done now though. Next stage is to cover the back of the jacket in the green fabric.

3rd August 2011

Lace Attached

The lace has now been attached to the sleeves of the jacket, took slightly longer than expected but oh well. Next stage is to cover the sleeves with the green fabric.

2nd August 2011

Collar Covered

The Collar is now covered in the green fabric. Next step is to attach the lace to the sleeves and then cover those in the green fabric aswell. I definitely hope I can finish the jacket by the end of the weekend.

2nd August 2011

Coat Continuation

So, I wasn't able to do any cosplay this weekend as I ended up at Manchester Expo. However, I have now continued on with my coat which I hope to complete in the next few days. The base jacket has now been modified and is ready to be covered in the green fabric.

28th July 2011

Coat Lining

The lining of the coat has now been cut and sewn onto the coat. I know it seems weird that I've done the lining before the rest of the coat, but because I'm covering a previously owned jacket, it actually worked out best to do it this way. All the stitches I made to attach the lining can be covered by the green fabric I'm gonna use on the outside of the jacket. ;)

Next stage is to modify the collar of the jacket, and then start to cover the rest of the jacket.

27th July 2011

Coat Extension

Work on the coat is now well in progress. So far I have cut and sewn on the extension piece to make the coat long enough. Next stage will be to attach the lining before modifying the top of the base jacket and then covering it in the green fabric.

My current aim is to get the coat finished by the end of the week/weekend, but we'll see, XD

26th July 2011

Neck Bow

Completed the bow for the neck yesterday. It really was just a long piece of material, XD XD One of the simpliest aspects to make but it still took an hour or two to complete the sewing, XD XD

I'm going to start on the coat now... So nervous about it... XD XD

25th July 2011

Hairbow Complete

The bow for the hair/wig is now complete. Again it didn't take me as long as I thought it would. Now I just have to hope that it doesn't fall apart or off whilst wearing it, XD XD

Next I'll be making the bow for the neck... which will pretty much be just one long strip, which I will physically tie, XD

24th July 2011

Waistcoat - Complete

The waistcoat is now complete!!! I am seriously so proud of it. It's far from perfect but it was first ever attempt at making a waistcoat from scratch. To be honest it's one of the first items of clothing I have EVER made from scratch without any form of outside help... I'm so proud of this waistcoat, 8D

24th July 2011

Waistcoat Buttons finished!!

Just finished covering the waistcoat buttons. Took me around an hour which isn't bad. I thought it would take me longer than that. Now to sew them on and then the waistcoat should be finished, ^_^

24th July 2011

Self-cover buttons

I bought self-cover buttons as I need the material of them to match the material of the waistcoat. Nice and awkward but hopefully it will look ok once completed. I dread to think how long it's gonna take me to cover these... thankfully I only need to do 14 of them... (There's 21 in the pot)

24th July 2011

Waistcoat Sewn

The waistcoat is now all sewn together and the press-studs have been sewn on as well. The fit isn't perfect... but like I said before... for my first attempt at a waistcoat I'm quite proud.

The next stage is to cover all the buttons and then sew them on... I'm dreading this part cus there are so many of the darn things, >_<

22nd July 2011

Waistcoat Pinned

The waistcoat is now completely pinned ready for me to sew together and sew the hems down etc. Been on a bit of a cosplay lag lately but got my motivation back this evening so proceeded to work on the waistcoat. I'm pleased with my progress but yeah... I'm way behind on my mental schedule. Still I shall sew the waistcoat together tomorrow and hopefully sew on the poppers and maybe the tie on the back. The buttons can wait until after those bits are done... lots and lots of buttons needed for this waistcoat, XD

30th June 2011

Coat Lining and Lace

The lining and lace for the cuffs have now arrived so I will be able to start the coat soon too. The buttons that I bought have arrived but they aren't big enough so I have to find some others to use instead. At least attaching the buttons can wait until the end since they aren't on the coat for practical reasons.

29th June 2011

Shirt & More Material

The winged collar shirt I bought for Armand arrived today, as well as the material for the bows and the material for the coat.

Before I can start the coat though, I need to wait for the lining material to arrive, I can make do without the buttons for now, since the coat is going to be worn open anyway, so it's just a case of sewing them on at the end. But yes, I need the lining before I can start that. And I need my wig done before I can start the bows really.

I do have everything in (minus the buttons) for the waistcoat now so I shall begin making that this weekend at the latest.

28th June 2011

Waistcoat Material

The material I have bought for the waistcoat arrived today, so hopefully I can begin work on this soon. I have making the waistcoat from scratch, using an old one as a template, and I am so nervous about this.

This whole costume has turned out to be so much more complicated than I thought it was going to be. Oh well. I will do my best!!