HUNK - Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D


Ayacon 2011




Now that a newer version of HUNK has been released I decided it was time to updated mine. The BDU's have been replaced with a flightsuit, adding new pouches and gloves. As well as upgrading his firearms. Most complex part will be the inclusion of his new wrist blade.

Enjoyed this new varient, the flightsuit made wearing the costume easier. Will be worn again in future.


sjbonnar posted on 5 July, 2011 - 07:55
Can't wait to see this mate. Your HUNK has always been a highlight!

Manjou posted on 31 August, 2011 - 21:23
Loved your HUNK, I still have no idea how you see out of that mask XD Has Death-May-Die posted his cosplay workshop photos from Aya up somewhere?

Alias Cosplay posted on 10 September, 2011 - 08:37
The blade turned out great.

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

17th August 2011

Blade Mounted

After another coat of paint the blade was mounted onto the rig and screwed on. The paint needs another few coats. Last min touch ups will be done at Aya.

15th August 2011

Base Coat

Before being painted the silver colour prior to attachment to the rig, a base coat of black enamel paint was added.

15th August 2011

Test Mounting

Test mounted the blade onto the wrist rig to see if it was the right size.

15th August 2011

Blade Cut to Shape

Once the desired shape was achieved I then cut the wood to the approximate length it would need to be to fit on the blade mount.

15th August 2011

Blade Started

Selecting a piece of pine that was around the correct width. I then carved and sanded it to achieve the bladed shape.

15th August 2011

Wrist Blade Harness + Mechanism

Using 50mm webbing material as a base, a drawer slider was mounted and secured. Straps using 25mm webbing and buckle clips were added to help attach the rig to the users arm. The materials thickness made sewing the straps a challenge. Using a carpet needle and strong thread this problem was overcome.

16th July 2011

Thigh Pouch/Rig

Using a Molle EMT Pouch and a donor holster, Alias very kindly was able to fabricate the thigh pouch HUNK now wears on his left leg.

13th July 2011


Purchased a KWA MP9 A3 Machine Pistol, added foregrip and PEQ to closer replicate HUNK's custom machine gun.